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How to Write a Review

How to Write a Review

Give Your Feet A Voice – Write A Review!

Why write a review? Because we're always working to make sure we deliver the style, comfort and quality you crave and we take customer feedback seriously. Your experience and reviews help customers make informed buying decisions. And, the next time you shop at EastlandShoe.com, we hope you will benefit from the reviews others have contributed.

We welcome honest comments, whether positive or negative, about our product quality, look, comfort, fit and how you wear your Eastlands.

How Do I Write A Review?

  1. Go to the product's page on our web site. (A quick way to find the product's page is to use the search box on the top-right of the screen.)

  2. Click on the "Write a Review" link on the product page.
  3. Write A Review

  4. Fill in the required fields: Review title, star rating, comments, your "nickname" and location. Please note that all reviews are anonymous, you may choose any nickname you like (ex. ShoeGirl123). Complete the rest of the review form if desired.

  5. Preview, Edit and Submit your post.

  6. Once you Submit your post, you have the option of entering your email address to become a Verified Reviewer.

Benefits of Becoming a Verified Reviewer:

  1. Your review submission automatically enters you into our monthly drawing to WIN A FREE PAIR OF THE EASTLAND SHOES of your choice! Simply enter your email address in the field provided after you have submitted your review. Monthly Write-a-Review Giveaway Rules

  2. Allows Eastland to respond to any questions, problems or complaints, or request additional feedback. Privacy Policy

  3. Adds credibility for other customers reading your review.

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